Refund Policy

Our refund policy is displayed below, please ensure you read the areas which apply to the services that you are ordering. If you are still unsure please contact our sales department.
Web Hosting Refund Policy
We do not issue refunds on this service as it is instantly deployed after payment, subject to your order passing the automated fraud checks. If your order requires a manual review this may take up to 24 hours.
Virtual Server Refund Policy
Refunds may be issued within the first 48 hours of this service becoming active if a fault that cannot be resolved by our technical staff. For a refund to be granted under the refund policy the opportunity must have been given for us to resolve the issue first.
Domain Name Refund Policy
We do not issue refunds on domain names as once registered they will remain registered for the period of the selected at the time of ordering, minimum domain period is 1 year subject to domain extension chosen.
Dedicated Server Refund Policy
Once the server has been deployed by us refunds are not available.
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